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Cities, societies and communities are increasingly influenced by the evolution of technology. The term âsmartâ is frequently used to reflect technological progress. Additionally, the smart way to build our world is to ensure âSmart for allâ. This means being digitally inclusive and accessible for all people and empowering everyone through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) regardless of their gender, age, ability or their context of use. To successfully achieve this goal; smart cities, environments and communities need to be designed and developed according to digital accessibility requirements and standards. A universal design approach is commonly applied to physical environments. Nevertheless, the Universal design principles also need to be considered in all technological products and solutions to ensure that all potential end users can interact within a smart city, environment or community. This training course presents, in a holistic and easy to understand way, the key elements to be considered when building inclusive smart sustainable and digitally accessible environments and communities. Learners will gain an understanding of the need to mainstream digital accessibility from the design stage of building smart cities, environments and communities to ensure that no one is left behind. This training course also includes further key information, good practices, tools and additional resources to support policy-makers and decision-makers' efforts.

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