With the increasing digitization of our economies and societies, debates related to the governance of the Internet are gaining momentum and have broadened their scope to encompass an ever greater number of topics and governance aspects. Policy makers, businesses and citizens need to stay abreast of these developments and are faced with the challenges of rapid technological developments which impact on Internet access, use and governance. In this context, calls for strengthening capacities in Internet Governance are becoming more widespread and the national and international community is called upon to respond to those needs.

At the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) 2014, ITU Member States agreed that capacity building of the ITU membership in Internet Governance is one of the priority issues to be addressed by ITU's capacity building programme, with a focus on developing and least developed countries. This mandate was reinforced at WTDC 2017.

ITU's activities in developing skills and capacities in Internet Governance are driven by a multistakeholder approach. ITU works in close collaboration with a variety of partners from:

  • Academic institutions
  • Regional and international organisations
  • Public and private sector training entities
  • Civil society institutions

Training and capacity development on Internet governance by other entities

International Organizations

Regional Internet Registries

Academic Institutions

Schools on Internet Governance

Private Sector

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