The SMTP comprises a set of high-level training materials in all areas of spectrum management, which were developed by experts drawn from within and outside ITU. In 2018, SMTP received international accreditation from the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA).

SMTP comprises of two levels: basic and advanced. Each level includes a number of obligatory modules (OM) and elective modules (EM), which are the following:

  • OM1: Legal Basis and Regulatory Framework of Spectrum Management
  • OM2: Spectrum Engineering Fundamentals
  • OM3: Wireless Telecommunications Technologies
  • EM1-1: Spectrum Monitoring
  • EM1-2: Enforcement and Type Approval of Equipment
  • EM1-3: SM for Satellite Systems
  • EM1-4: SM for HF Systems, Science, Maritime and Amateur Services
  • EM1-5: SM for Aeronautical and Radio Determination Services and Military Systems
  • EM1-6: Computer-aided Spectrum Management
  • OM4: Economic and Market Tools of Spectrum Management
  • OM5: Strategic Planning and Policies for Wireless Innovation
  • EM2-1: (Legal Specialization): Advanced Spectrum Authorization Regimes
  • EM2-2: (Legal Specialization): Socio-Economic Impact of Spectrum Regulation; Competition and Consumer Protection
  • EM2-3: (Technical Specialization): Terrestrial TV Broadcasting Planning and Digital Transition
  • EM2-4: (Technical Specialization): Opportunistic Spectrum Access and Cognitive Radio
  • EM2-5: (Technical Specialization): Electro Magnetic Fields and Health

Target Audience

The SMTP is designed for Member States and Sector Members of ITU. In particular, it serves the capacity development needs of operators, regulators and policy makers. It is a resource pool for academic institutions and the ITU Academy Training Centers (ATCs) network. Beyond these target groups, the SMTP is available to anyone who would like to enhance and broaden their professional knowledge while working in the field of spectrum management. Students entering the SMTP may be from different levels in an organisation, from technical to managerial, and from different backgrounds (engineering, legal, economics, etc.).

Call for partners

ITU invites all stakeholders, especially training and academic institutions to partner with us. Partnerships can be established in the following ways: 

  1.  Delivery of one or more modules of the programme
  2.  Delivery of the programme towards the award of a basic or advanced level certificate
  3.  Delivery of the programme towards the award of a Master’s degree
  4. Reviewing and updating any of the modules

Institutions interested in cooperating with ITU to deliver the SMTP are welcome to contact the Capacity and Digital Skills Development Division at and express their interest.


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