“Digital Skills Insights” (previously called "Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment") is an online publication which puts together scholarly articles with a focus on the impact of digital transformation on capacity and skills development. It covers a wide range of topics that may affect people and their skills development, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, telecommunication regulatory issues, smart cities/societies, digital competencies, open source learning and intellectual property rights, etc.

The publication seeks to provide a body of knowledge that will facilitate academic research and innovation exploring the linkages between emerging technologies and capacity development. It features current and new thinking that will contribute to informed policy debates and decisions among policymakers and regulators, as well as help the private sector to anticipate and plan for human capital requirements and skills development in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing ICT environment.

The publication, which is released annually, features contributions from academic scholars and other researchers from all over the world. The purpose of the articles is to share views and scholarly opinions that will stimulate debate among its readers. Articles published are subjected to a quality assurance process by well acclaimed experts through a peer review exercise.

This publication is available on the ITU Academy platform. The published articles will also be subject to discussion at forums organized from time to time for academic institutions that are members of ITU.

Those interested in submitting an article for consideration in future editions of “Digital Skills Insights” should contact the ITU Capacity and Digital Skills Development Division.

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