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Arab States
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  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
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Online self-paced
  • French
  • Arabic
  • English
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  • Javier Gonzalez Nuñez
  • Kamel BRA


This training will support the participants in understanding how business incubators work, who they are right for, how to quantitatively measure their success through business modeling, as well as the financial theories behind them. Its structure, made up of 4 modules, provides a pragmatic approach from theory to practice as well as different models and tools that will allow students to understand the current or future business needs.
This course will give the students the tools to differentiate between financing options and incubator types, understand how to build a successful business plan, model and track incubator success, and provide financial literacy in the world of business incubation.
After successfully completing this course, the learner should feel competent in how to start, manage, and assess business incubators.
Through an array of multimedia resources, the participants will be able, by the end of this course, to have a thorough understanding of how to make a successful business incubator, manage and analyze that success, as well as how to present an idea to an array of interested business parties.

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