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  • Big data and statistics
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  • Esperanza Magpantay
  • Fredrik Eriksson
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This course aims to raise awareness of what Mobile Phone Data is and to showcase how it can be applied at a National Statistical Organisation (NSO). Information will be shared on how to obtain Mobile Phone Data, plus the opportunities and challenges it presents for incorporating its use at the NSO. The course has been developed by the Task Team on Mobile Phone Data of the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics (UN-CEBD).

Anyone interested in Mobile Phone Data, especially those working with the theme of public statistics.

Mobile phone data is one of the Big Data sources which is used more and more in national statistical systems for different applications. The course demonstrates how to obtain Mobile Phone data and discuss applications, opportunities and challenges of its use at the NSO.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what Mobile Phone data is, and the opportunities and challenges posed by its use at the NSO
  • Recognise where to obtain Mobile Phone data, and any difficulties associated with this
  • Recognise current applications of Mobile Phone data being used or researched for the production of statistical outputs

The course includes activity lessons and text material about Mobile Phone Data, including some of its challenges, opportunities and applications. The course also includes a glossary of key terms and a final quiz to test the knowledge of participants.

The activity “Lessons” should be marked completed, the activity “Final Quiz” should be completed and passed, and the activity “Feedback form” should be marked complete in order to obtain the ITU badge.

A total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU badge.

Module 1

What is Mobile Phone Data?

Module 2

What are the different types of Mobile Network Data?

Module 3

How are CDRs generated?

Module 4

What information is contained in MPD?

Module 5

Why use Mobile Phone Data?

Module 6

Applications of MPD

Module 7

Case Study 1 - Commuters in Tartu, Estonia

Module 8

Case Study 2 - Informing the government response to a health crisis in The Gambia

Module 9

Case Study 3 - Earthquake Response in Haiti

Module 10

Case Study 4- Tourism Statistics in Estonia and Indonesia

Module 11

Case Study 5 - Information Society SDG indicators in Indonesia and Brazil

Module 12

How to manage MPD projects?

Module 13

Where and how can MPD data be obtained?

Module 14

How to secure MPD and preserve individual privacy?

Module 15

Summary of the course

Module 16

Final quiz

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