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CIS countries
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  • Cybersecurity
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Online self-paced
  • Russian
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  • Farid Nakhli
  • Maxim Kushtuev
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Cybersecurity is a complex challenge that encompasses multiple different governance, policy, operational, technical and legal aspects. This training provides general knowledge to address, organise and prioritise many of these areas based on existing and well-recognised models, frameworks and other references. The training focuses on elements for protecting civilian aspects of cyberspace and as such, it covers the overarching principles and good practice that need to be considered in the process of drafting, developing and managing a National Cybersecurity Strategy. To this end, the training makes a clear distinction between the âprocessâ that will be adopted by countries during the lifecycle of a National Cybersecurity Strategy (initiation, stocktaking and analysis, production, implementation, reviews) and the âcontentâ, the actual text that would appear in a National Cybersecurity Strategy document. This training does not cover aspects such as the development of defensive or offensive cyber-capabilities by a country's military, defence forces, or intelligence agencies. The training also provides an overview of the core components of what it takes for a country to become cyber-prepared, highlighting the critical aspects that governments should consider when developing their national strategies and imple

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