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  • Internet of Things
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Online instructor led
  • English
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National Telecommunications Institute for Policy Research Innovation and Training (NTIPRIT)
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  • Ashi Kapoor
  • Shantanu Shantanu
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This comprehensive course is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT), a pivotal technology in today's digital landscape. It covers the fundamental concepts, components, and connectivity technologies that underpin IoT. Participants will explore IoT applications across various sectors, including smart homes, healthcare, agriculture, and smart cities, highlighting IoT's role in solving real-world challenges. The curriculum will delve into IoT system architecture, data processing, and the critical importance of security and privacy.

The target audience for this course are Telecom engineers / professionals working in the area of Emerging Technologies & implementation. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications/ ICT or related field with 5 years or more experience in ICT domain.  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  1. Explain the definition and significance of the Internet of Things 

  1. Discuss the architecture, operation, and business benefits of an IoT solution 

  1. Examine the potential business opportunities/use cases that IoT can uncover 

  1. Explore the regulatory paradigm of IoT domain 

  1. Explain security and privacy Issues in IoT ecosystem 

The course employs a multifaceted teaching approach, including: 

  1. Expert-led lectures covering theoretical and practical aspects of IoT. 

  1. Demonstration showcasing IoT automation. 

  1. Daily quizzes to reinforce learning, culminating in a comprehensive assessment. 

Participants will undergo daily quizzes and a final assessment test on the last day. The quizzes will be objective, hosted on the ITU Academy Platform, with a passing threshold set at 60%. The final test comprises 10 questions, with a passing mark of 70%. Out of the 10 questions 5 questions will be short answer questions of approx. 25 words and 5 questions will be long answer type of approx. 100 words each. 

An overall grade of 70% is required to receive the ITU certificate of completion for this course. 

Sessions will take place at: 

  • Session 1: 10:00 hrs - 11:30 hrs (Geneva time)
  • Session  2: 11:45 hrs - 13:15 hrs (Geneva time).


Session-1 Inauguration Session with course introduction  


  • Welcome Address 
  • Introduction of Participants 
  • Course Brief 
  • Inaugural Address 

Session-2 Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)  

  • A broad overview of IoT and it’s architecture 

Session-3  Communication Technologies for IoT 

  • Introduction of different IoT communication technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRAWAN, SigFox etc. 

Session-4 Use cases of IoT in various sectors viz. Agriculture, Supply Chain, Education etc.  

  • Use cases of IoT in different sectors 

Session-5 IoT Case studies  

  • Industrial application of IoT 

Session-6 Role of IoT in smart cities  

  • To understand use of connected sensors, lights and meters to collect and analyze data and utilize this data to improve infrastructure, public utilities and services and more in smart city 

Session-7 Demonstration of IoT use case 

Hands on session – Live demonstration of IoT use case for automation 

Session-8 Security issues in interconnected IoT ecosystem and secured IoT ecosystem using OneM2M Technologies 

  • Learning security issues in interconnected IoT ecosystem, understanding One M2M framework and architecture and it’s role in securing IoT ecosystem 

Session-9 Regulatory aspects of IoT  

  • Importance of regulatory compliance in IoT deployment 
  • Global regulatory landscape of IoT 
  • M2M guidelines and advisory to M2M_IoT stakeholders 

Session-10 Final Assessment (one hour) and Valediction (half hour) 

  • Final Assessment Test of 1 hour  
  • Feedback & Valedictory session (half hour) 


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