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About this course This self-paced online course on inclusive digital communication during crises and emergency situations has been developed in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It is in line with, and in support to the UN Secretary General Policy on Disability Inclusion and the BDT work in ICT/digital accessibility to ensure digital inclusion. It comprises one module and aims to provide direction and practical guidance on how to develop and deliver inclusive digital communication during times of crisis or emergency. This course is an introduction to inclusive digital communication. It highlights the importance of delivering accessible digital information and communication across a range of digital platforms, and in multiple formats. It focuses on the importance of incorporating ICT accessibility when developing contingency and national emergency telecommunication plans at local, regional, and national levels. ICT accessibility not only addresses the needs of persons with disabilities, but it also ensures vital information and communication can be accessed, understood, and used other persons including those with specific needs, older citizens, women, girls, refugees, and migrants. It is estimated this course will take approximately one and a half hours (1.5hrs) to complete. A completion certificate will be awarded by the ITU Academy upon successful validation of the learner's knowledge. Target audience This course is recommended for all personnel working in public communications. It is also recommended for personnel who are called upon to provide emergency information. Goals The goal of this knowledge resource is to strengthen ITU Members and stakeholder's capacity on the topic of inclusive digital communication. This resource also aims to build capacity in terms of ensuring vital information, products and services are developed and delivered in accessible and multiple formats. This will ensure the inclusion of all persons, including those with disabilities. Advice for users with disabilities This course had been designed to be accessible for persons with disabilities. It is developed using the Articulate Storyline software in HTML5. The course is designed to be compatible with the JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers used with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The course uses a player which has the following buttons: menu, resources, search, audio, closed captions, play, progress bar, repeat, next and previous. The controls you will use the most are the play and next button. The course contains its own audio. It is strongly recommended that screen reader users mute this audio by going to the volume control on the player interface and muting the audio. All text and any images that contain information are accessible. We recommend using the tab key to navigate through the content of each slide and to use the player controls to move between slides. There are quizzes in the course. All questions must be answered correctly before progressing to the next topic. We recommend using the tab key to navigate through the radio button choices and using the space bar to select a choice in the quiz. When you submit an answer, you must tab to the onscreen control that will either move you to the next slide or allow you to answer the question again. Advice about Quizzes 1.Please note that quizzes within the course do not contain their own audio. 2.The course contains its own quizzes, presented at end of each topic. Learners must answer all questions correctly to complete the course. You may attempt each question as many times as you wish. 3.On completion of the course, you must retake the quiz in order to receive your certificate of course completion from the ITU Academy. It is necessary to receive a score of 60% or higher to receive your ITU Academy Certificate for the course.

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