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Tailored for professionals in the education sector, this introductory course on Child Online Protection addresses online risks and provides guidance on shaping positive digital practices among young people.

Professionals in the education sector including educators, academic and non-academic staff, school leaders, mentors, coaches, trainers who interact with children.  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand online circumstances that can put children at risk of being harmed;
  • Identify risks for children while they explore the online world such as mis/disinformation, cyberbullying, online radicalization, screen time, and  inappropriate content;
  • Know which safety measures should be implemented at school and classroom levels to mitigate online risks; 
  • Know how to properly respond and report if children were harmed online;
  • Be familiar with additional resources to get further support;

The course is delivered using Rise modules with interactive activities like quizzes, drag and drop exercises, flipcards, etc. It will include video clips and images selected from ITU Partners as well as interactive exercises focusing on nurturing learners' critical thinking and problem-solving skills when using the internet.  


In order for you to receive the ITU digital badge confirming that you completed the course, you would need to:

  1. Complete all interactive lessons. They include various interactive exercises for self-assessment. Those are not graded.
  2. Pass the final exam. Total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU digital badge. 

Lesson 1 – Welcome to the course. 

Lesson 2 - Children and young people in a connected world 

How children engage and interact with the online world, Digital Divide and Access to Internet Across the Globe, 

Children's digital rights, The importance of learning about child online safety for educators.  

Lesson 3 - Online risks and vulnerabilities  

Online risks and vulnerabilities that children may face online, how children will react to such vulnerabilities, other new and emerging risks and challenges children may face online 

Lesson 4 – Safety Measures  

Preventive measures academic and non-academic staff can take to mitigate risks and harm which children may face online, keeping classroom environment safe, identify children who are at a risk of online violence 

Lesson 5 - Reporting and Responding 

Identify different actors and service providers, provide psychological first aids to treat victimized children, empower children to face short & long term consequences of child online exploitation 

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