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Every day we see how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) impact our lives and participation in society by the way we work, learn, purchase our goods, listen to the news, or communicate with one another. Access to information is a fundamental human right. Our world is digital, and most of the information we receive is through digital platforms, such as websites. For this reason, web accessibility has never been as crucial as it is today. The accessibility of websites is key to ensure equal and equitable access for all people to ICTs and their related products and services. Furthermore, is an essential requirement to reduce and eliminate the digital divide. However, 9 out of 10 Internet sites are not digitally accessible. This impacts the access, understanding and use of the information delivered through digital platforms for many people, such as persons with disabilities, older persons, or low literacy persons, who cannot benefit from it and thus, are prevented from being part of the digital society and economy. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the importance of ensuring that every person, regardless of age, gender, or ability to use technology, should benefit from information made available through websites and other digital platforms, which in case of pandemic or emergency situations can be vital. This training was developed by the Digital Inclusion of the Development Sector of the ITU to support ITU members, stakeholders and all persons involved in website design and development, or the dissemination of digital information implement a "barrier-freeâ digital ecosystem and thus, guarantee that no one is left behind in the digital age. To further support the efforts of policy and decision-makers in the implementation of Web Accessibility at the national level, ITU-D also developed the Internet for @ll - knowledge development programme.

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