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World or Multi-Regional
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  • Conformance and interoperability
  • Bridging the standardization gap
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Online instructor led
  • English
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African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)
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  • Joseph Mungai
  • Abel Mandlate
  • Caleb Rori
  • Jonathan Mwakijele
  • Ghazi Mabrouk
  • Anita Natwati
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The course aim is to: - Clarify organizations responsible to set the standards and mechanisms established by national authorities to enforce mandatory standards. - Help self-monitoring of players in order to conform to set standards and those of the regulator. - Analyze the available penalties for contravening the set standards. - Ensure the participants differentiate the different roles undertaken by various players in the field. - Assess cases for licensing based on pre-established set of standards. The course will cover specifically ICT standards and interoperability within ICT systems.

  • ICT/Telecom Regulators, Operators (Telecom/Broadcasters) and policy makers who are and who will be engaged in digital transformation efforts worldwide. 
  • Managers that are responsible for taking decisions on information systems acquisitions like (IT, switching, billing). 
  • Technicians involved in technical jobs (IT, switching, transmission). 
  • Staff from Finance, Economic and Legal departments. 
  • Basic understanding of information & communications technology concepts. 
  • Basic understanding of economics and legal framework governing ICT institutions (both National and International standards). 
  • Familiarity with organizational management principles. 
  • Prior experience or involvement in digital projects or initiatives is beneficial but not required.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Describe the ICT standards and how they are formulated 
  • Clarify how national and international standards are set. 
  • Explain the elements involved in a telecommunication process in terms of structure and services. 
  • Discuss the role of regulations and the reason why all players are expected to conform.  
  • Examine ICT systems and their interoperability. 
  • Define key terms such as interconnection tariffs or interoperability between mobile wallets of different operators. 
  • Live lectures every week on Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm CEST (Geneva time)
  • Online discussion through Zoom 
  • Mandatory (weekly) contributions to forum discussions for each Module’s topics  
  • Quiz after every completed module  
  • Use of Computer simulation connected to the real- world matters and visit a switching, commercial, IT departments of a telecom company to have good grasp of real-life applications of the subject matter. 
  1. Quizzes 60% 
  2. Discussion forum contributions 8% 
  3. End of course assignment 32% 

A total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU certificate. 

Week 1 

  • Introduction: ICTs and Standards - Include the ITU Conformance and Interaoperability Programme 
  • Communication elements: revision – definitions characteristics and examples. 
  • Information and Communications Technologies – ICTs 
  • Standards overview 

Key learning points 

  • General overview of ICTs: Elements and technologies. 
  • Knowledge and global approach to standards 
  • Why do we set standards? 
  • Ability to formulate and set standards 
  • Ensure all players conform to set standards and ways of enforcing the same. 

Training activities details 

  • Live lectures 
  • Forum Discussion 1 
  • Quiz 1 


Week 2 

  • Introduction to standardization and role of standards 

Key learning points 

  • Formulating and setting standards 
  • Meaning and conformity to set standards 
  • Standardization in relation to telecommunications 
  • Conformity to and compliance to standards 
  • Nonconformity to standards and punishment 
  • Who are stakeholders of setting the standards? 
  • Who ensures compliance/and or regulates the industry? 

Training activities details 

  • Live lectures 
  • Forum Discussion 2 
  • Quiz 2 


Week 3 

  • The law governing standards and the role of regulator. 
  • General introduction to systems: human body, machine, car, computer. 
  • Information systems: introduction. 

Key learning points 

  • Standards and law 
  • Local and international laws governing standards 
  • National and or international body that deals with standardization 
  • Interrelationship between stakeholders 
  • Have a general overview of different systems 
  • Introduced to Information Systems 

Training activities details 

  • Live lectures 
  • Forum Discussion 3 
  • Quiz 3 


Week 4 

  • Information systems integration. 
  • Systems interoperability. 
  • Computer simulation or visit a local telecom to see it in reality. 
  • Trainees’ evaluation and trainer evaluation 

Key learning points 

  • Concept of integration 
  • Concept of interoperability 
  • See how the matters were understood and how the delivery was. 

Training activities details 

  • Live lectures 
  • Forum Discussion 4 
  • Quiz 4 
  • End of course assignment 
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