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  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital economy
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Online instructor led
  • English
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  • Snezana Popovska
  • Jasmina Trajkovski
  • Diana Rusu
  • Anna Falth
  • Topias Tamminen
  • Lizbeth Becerra
  • Loly Gaitan
  • Lena Ostlund


Introductory course which aims at providing basic leadership and project management skills for women entrepreneurs in the tech sector. To improve the success of women entrepreneurs in Tech, we have designed this course to cover basic but critical skills needed for daily operations of companies already established by women. The course covers two areas: Leadership and Project Management. In the areas of Leadership, the course covers key topics such as planning and budgeting, managing teams and making partnerships, then negotiations and sales and finally approaches for scaling up the business. In the area of project management, the course covers the roles and responsibilities of a project manager as well as basic tools, while providing an overview of both traditional and agile approaches. This is an introductory course, so it will provide a glimpse into the topics and some useful tools, but it is encouraged that the participants then follow more in depth courses in the specific areas of interest.

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