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  • ICT & Climate Change
  • Digital economy
  • Digital inclusion
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
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Online self-paced
  • English
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  • Loly Gaitan
  • Rosie McDonald
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This training course empowers start-up and scale-up women entrepreneurs by developing green digital entrepreneurship knowledge and skills in order to increase their economic empowerment. The course is designed to guide participants through the concepts and benefits of green business, green and circular economy and sus tainability concepts. It also explores digital green concepts, how to green supply chains and green finance. This course has been made possible with the support of the Women's Entrepreneurship Accelerator (WEA).

This training course is for start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs, geared towards women and builds participants’ capacity to develop digital green entrepreneurship skills in order to increase their economic empowerment. The case study examples and interviews take place with women entrepreneurs, but everyone is welcome to participate in the course as the overall content is also applicable to all entrepreneurs.

Open to all.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise key concepts and principles for digital green entrepreneurship;
  • Recognise the opportunities and benefits of digital green entrepreneurship;
  • Apply strategies for greening businesses through digital technologies;
  • Answer key questions on developing a digital green business model; 
  • Access funding and green finance.

The training objectives will be reached upon the completion of the e-learning, its interactive modules, and its quizzes. The course contains a series of video interviews, real-life examples and external resources which participants can further explore to aid their learning. A series of reflection activities with questions are also placed throughout the course.

There will be 6 quizzes in total, a total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU badge.  

Module 1: What is Digital Green Entrepreneurship 

Participants will explore definitions of green and digital green business, green entrepreneurship, green  economy and circular economy and why it is important for women as entrepreneurs.

Module 2: Key Principles of Green and Circular Economy

Participants will explore the key principles of sustainability, green and circular economy in more detail, to help to recognise the problems as opportunities for creating digital green solutions. 

Module 3: Greening Your Business

Participants explore how to green the supply chain, develop a sustainability strategy and how digital technology can help to do this.

Module 4: Developing a Digital Green Business Model

Participants explore the key questions that need answering to create a business model for digital green solution and gain an overview of taking a Lean Start-Up approach to validate the problem and solution with potential customers.

Module 5: Green Branding

Participants explore what it means to have a green brand identity and the elements that they need to include.

Module 6: Green Finance

Participants explore an overview of green finance, so that they are familiar with the growing interest to invest in green businesses. 

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