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World or Multi-Regional
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  • ICT/Telecom Regulation
  • Digital transformation
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Online instructor led
  • English
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ITU/Digital Regulation Academy (DRA), Saudi Arabia
Event mail contact
  • Vaiva Maciule
  • Janet Hernandez
  • Jenny Arana
  • Nancy Johanne Sundberg
  • Mustafa Almadhi
  • Shahad Albalawi
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This course is primarily based on the ITU/World Bank digital regulation platform with a focus on the following aspects: digital transformation strategies, regulatory governance, evidence-based decision making, regulatory sandboxes, competition and economics (market analysis), infrastructure sharing, universal access and service financing efficiency, data and consumer protection, cyber-security and resilience regulatory measures and strategies, and emerging technologies regulatory aspects. The scope of this course is to examine specific aspects of digital regulation to enhance further knowledge of participants on the issues at stake. The course therefore does not provide for an in-depth analysis of each and every regulatory aspect of digital regulation but enables participants to get a deeper understanding and greater knowledge on specific aspects of policy and regulation in a digital world. The online training will be organized by ITU with the kind support of the Digital Regulation Academy DRA of CST as part of the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on assistance in telecommunication/ICTs to ITU Member States, and other partners.

The target audience for this course is ICT/Telecommunications regulators, other relevant regulatory agencies, ICT policy-makers and staff from sector members dealing with regulatory affairs.

It is important for participants to be working for a regulator, ministry or in the ICT/Telecoms sector and understand the ICT policy and regulatory environment.

Participants are required to have completed the self-paced online course An introduction to digital regulation to enroll in this training.

To allow participants to be better equipped to navigate the challenges associated with digital transformation while protecting users and creating competitive environments for the private sector to thrive, this by getting a more in-depth understanding and deeper knowledge of policy and regulatory approaches in the digital ecosystem, the importance of collaborative approaches to regulation as digital transformation is sweeping across all sectors and to gain insights on the latest regulatory developments and global trends.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Examine how to develop a digital transformation strategy, the different roles and responsibilities in the digital ecosystem, the evolution of regulation and how the digital environment is affecting and redefining markets, policy and regulatory frameworks, businesses and consumers.
  • Explore the regulatory issues at stake in this environment, to be better equipped to respond to the fast-changing digital environment, understanding what is new, what are the basics that still apply, the need for collaborative governance, and what needs to change to better assess how this applies to their national circumstances.
  • Use good practices.

This course will be delivered using instructor-led online learning. The course is delivered using power-point slides posted on the course page and selected reference materials that the participants must revise and study, additionally they must participate in scheduled activities and undertake self-assessments. Participants will reinforce their understanding of the topics studied by drawing on their specific environments and are encouraged to consult with experienced colleagues who are working on a relevant topic. The following methods will be used for this course:

  • Self-study of PPTs and reference materials;
  • Instructor led presentations and interactive exercises made through Zoom;
  • Interactive chat - forum discussions via Zoom and ITU Academy platform;
  • Final quiz at the end of the core sessions.


Participants’ performance in this training will be determined using a combination of grades for the forum, participation in chats/zoom sessions and self-assessment quizzes:

  • Participation in the Chat will be awarded 10 per cent
  • Participation in Zoom sessions will be awarded 20 per cent.
  • Self- Assessments quizzes (6 questions per quiz) will be worth 70 per cent of the final grade of the course.

A total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU certificate.

Session 1: Introduction to the training and ITU’s regulatory tools and frameworks

Session 2: Developing a digital transformation strategy

Session 3: Innovative approaches to regulation: ICT Regulatory sandboxes

Session 4: Regulatory governance and evidence-based decision-making

Session 5: Transformative technologies and evolving regulation

Session 6: Protecting consumers and their data

Session 7: Enhancing cyber-resilience and security

Session 8: Universal access and service financing efficiency

Session 9: Competition, market analysis, and economics

Session 10: Infrastructure sharing

See the document below for more details on the training sessions and activities. 

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