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  • ICT & Climate Change
  • E-government
  • E-Waste
  • Smart cities and communities
  • ICTs and the environment
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Online self-paced
  • English
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  • Yondeen Sherpa
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The course is a bite-sized version of the Circular and Sustainable Public Procurement for ICTs. It sets out the systems and process requirements for ICT procurement in a way that supports the transition to circular and sustainable system solutions.

This guide on circular and sustainable ICT procurement helps public sector procurement planners and professionals to improve the circular and sustainable outcomes of ICT buying decisions and to avoid adverse impacts on social and environmental systems. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Align ICT circularity and sustainability goals with existing or newly created policies.
  • Set goals, establish measurement indicators and track progress.
  • Create a publicly available circular and sustainable procurement policy.
  • Allow adequate time and resources for procurement planning when developing calls for tender.
  • Engage with ICT suppliers on circularity and sustainability when developing policy and strategy and as part of a procurement process.
  • Add sustainability to procurement processes and guidance to reflect circular and sustainable aims and contract conditions.
  • Use international standards, including ITU recommendations, for direction on how to implement and enforce circular and sustainable ICT procurement and management.  

The course will use interactive learning on Rise to deliver the subject matter through an interactive approach ensuring learner engagement and link to the guide where appropriate. Quizzes will test knowledge.

6 quizzes will assess knowledge. 70% will be the passing requirement to receive an ITU badge.

Introduction to the guide

  • Background to circular public procurement
  • How to navigate the guide


  • Core definitions, principles and concepts
  • Drivers of circular and sustainable ICT procurement
  • Challenges and considerations

Policy and Strategy

  • Leadership
  • Aligning policies and strategies
  • Implementation planning

Creating the conditions

  • Manage the governance
  • Set goals and targets
  • Engaging stakeholders

Procurement processes

  • Procurement Planning
  • Solicitation and evaluation
  • Award
  • Contract management
  • Reviewing performance

Recap and review

  • Summary
  • Final checklist
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