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The training course provides valuable information on how to address the digital inclusion of older persons in the context of the two global megatrends of an ageing population and the exponential rise in digital technologies, which impact each other and will bring related socio-economic changes globally. The target audience of the training course is ITU members, policy-makers, decision-makers and stakeholders who want to strengthen their capacity on how to address the digital inclusion of older persons by building inclusive and age-friendly digital ecosystems and environments. Through its three modules, the course includes holistic information on key topics such as: 1. the challenges arising from these two global megatrends and how to turn these into opportunities; 2. key terminology and concepts used in the framework of digital inclusion for older persons; 3. the key elements that should be considered in the process of the digital inclusion of older adults and the adoption of technology by older persons; 4. inclusiveness and the importance of building accessible and age-friendly digital environments; 5. the accessibility requirements and standards involved in the process of developing inclusive and accessible ICTs; 6. policy and strategy recommendations from the perspective of ICTs and ageing as an opportunity for better livelihood and socio-economic development. Upon completion of the course, Member States, policy-makers, decision-makers and interested stakeholders will be empowered with fundamental information and guidelines as well as with the tools and resources to be able to establish key pillars towards achieving healthier and wealthier inclusive digital societies at local, national and regional levels.

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