To kick-start the Initiative, 10 DTCs have been selected globally for phase 1, based on expressions of interest received from organisations and assessment of their suitability. Phase 1 will run for 18 months starting in January 2020. During this phase, with the support of ITU, Cisco and other partners, the 10 selected DTCs will deliver training activities at basic and intermediate level to citizens both in urban and rural areas, reaching out to underserved communities. At the end of phase 1, an open call will be made for additional DTCs to join the network in phase 2. Onboarding Workshop for phase 1 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 11 to 13 February, 2020. All the DTCs selected for Phase 1 are invited to attend this workshop. The workshop will give the DTC s an understanding of their roles and responsibilities as DTCs and how best to contribute to the goals of the initiative. The DTCs will also participate in shaping the framework agreement on their performance criteria, deliverables and the KPIs for the DTCs. The workshop will be open to any interested potential partners of the DTC Initiative.

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