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From 06 Dec 2021 to 10 Dec 2021
Arab States / French, Arab States / English
Training type : Online instructor led
Price : $120.00

This course enables participants to develop the necessary expertise to implement a management system for sustainable development in communities (MSSDC) based on ISO 37101, an international standard that aims at helping communities of all types and sizes become more sustainable and resilient.

Registration : Opened
From 08 Nov 2021 to 05 Dec 2021
The Americas / Spanish
Training type : Online instructor led
Price : $180.00

Este curso permite entender los conceptos básicos de Blockchain y posibles aplicados y orientadas a la gestión de las Smart Cities.

La tecnología Blockchain presenta una sólida base para establecer los procesos que se deben ejecutar para realizar estas acciones, ya que una de sus principales características es proporcionar información neutral, no jerárquica, accesible y segura, en entornos donde actualmente no hay confianza establecida entre los actores, ideal para poder evitar corrupción y establecer la transparencia en la administración pública.

Registration : Closed
From 15 Aug 2021 to 30 Sep 2021
Africa / English, Africa / French
Training type : Online instructor led
Price : $0.00

Note: This course is by invitation only. The Digital Innovation Ecosystem Training (DIET) is a six-session curriculum designed to empower policy-makers, academics, innovators and ecosystem-builders who wish to build thriving entrepreneurial communities that can navigate technological revolutions and create competitive ICT industries. This boot camp, which uses a joint Smart Africa Digital Academy and Digital Innovation Ecosystem ITU Academy curriculum, draws on toolkits, ecosystem assessments and roadmaps, forums and good practice research.