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Arab States
Training topics
  • ICT/Telecom Regulation
  • Wireless and fixed broadband
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  • French
  • Arabic
  • English
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  • Abraão Silva
  • Tiago Sousa Prado
  • Mustafa Almadhi
  • Vladimir Daigele
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The ICT infrastructure business planning training course offers regulators, policymakers, and stakeholders a practical approach for the accurate economic evaluation of broadband infrastructure installation and deployment plans. The expert guidance offered in this course is based on the ITU ICT infrastructure business planning toolkit - 5G networks, 2023 and has the aim at facilitating the development of a credible and coherent business plans adaptable to a wide range of broadband infrastructure deployment projects. Additionally, the course aims at exploring alternative use cases where the satellite connectivity emerges as a techno-economic, rational path towards bridging digital divides in remote, unpopulated areas. The main objective of this hands-on training is to build knowledge and skills of participants on the principles of business planning and practicing it, in the context of supporting policy and regulatory decision-making on infrastructure development. It will discuss on the main aspects related to the theme, such as: estimation of demand, expected revenues and operational costs, de finition of parameters related to investments and definitions related to the Weighted Average Cost of Capital â (WACC). There is also a specific section aimed at identifying public mechanisms for financing ICT infrastructure projects.

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