• Name: Carlston Jobe
  • From: St. George, Grenada
  • Job title: Telecommunications Engineer, National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
  • ITU course completed: Child Online Protection for Social Workers, Academic and Non-Academic Staff (Intermediate)
Carlston Jobe

As a policymaker, the impact of the course is insightful as it showed the importance of parents' and guardians' role in enforcing, guiding, and educating children on online safety practices and can be used to ensure their experiences are not tainted and or harmful. Understanding that privacy is important and there are safe spaces to talk about questionable situations that they encounter. As issues are identified policymakers can modify existing laws to help keep the online experience safe for everyone and enable law enforcement to administer their job with clear guidelines. 

The course is extremely useful especially as it relates to identifying the five stages of online grooming and the distinction between risk and harm. My perspective on the problem is that more needs to be done with regard to awareness and education along with parental guidance. The education should begin at the primary school level in a manner that the children can relate to but also from the perspective that even adults can be susceptible to abuse. in addition to this everyone should not be afraid to report concerns that are uncomfortable and inappropriate.  

Lastly, I would definitely recommend this course to parents, other policymakers, teachers, mentors, law enforcement, civil society, and community leaders.  


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