The International Telecommunication Union, in partnership with Cisco, is organizing a Digital Transformation Centres Workshop for telecommunication companies from 30 May to 1 June in Geneva, Switzerland.  

This workshop comes as a follow-up to the Executive Roundtable discussion on the Digital Transformation Centres Initiative (DTCI) which took place during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2023. Specifically tailored for representatives of telecommunication companies, the meeting will continue the dialogue on joint projects and support modalities to effectively engage telecommunication companies in the work of the Digital Transformation Centres (DTCs) and the overall Initiative.  

It ultimately aims to develop a global engagement framework through which telecommunication companies can partner with the DTCs on the ground and/or globally. 

Through various interactive activities and discussions, telecommunication companies will explore how they can contribute to the DTCI and expand their Corporate Social Responsibility reach by joining the Initiative and making stronger impact to supporting digital skills development for communities.   

Meeting documentation and logistical information are available below.

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