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World or Multi-Regional
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  • Spectrum management
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Online instructor led
  • English
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African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)
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  • Jonathan Mwakijele
  • Emmanuel NIYIKORA
  • Anita Natwati
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This module will provide students with an understanding of the management of radio spectrum related to satellite communications syst ems.

This training is targeted those who are entering the regulatory environment and are interacting with technologies as operators, developers or managers. It is targeted at those aiming to understand workings of various technologies with a view to developing a general overview of trends.

This may include professionals working in the telecommunications industry, lawyers, regulatory staff across all departments.

Besides that, other institutions and individuals that are dedicated to building their capacity related to new technologies are welcome to participate.

No prior knowledge or qualification in Spectrum Management for Satellite Systems is required; however, it is important for participants to be working for a regulator, or in the ICT/Telecoms sector as a provider or consultant. Students in the Engineering or ICT related courses could also be considered.

It is expected that upon completion of the training session, participants will be able to:


Have knowledge of

  • Basic principles of satellite communications, different types of satellites/satellite networks and Earth Stations.
  • Relevant parts of ITU Radio Regulations governing spectrum use by satellite communications systems.

An understanding of

  • Understanding of the SM procedures for satellite communications systems
  • Understanding of satellite orbital position and frequency assignment plans
  • Understanding the respective roles of NRAs, satellite operators and ITU BR in managing spectrum for satellite communications systems

They should have the ability to

  • to interpret the provisions of ITU Radio Regulations in respect of satellite communications services
  • to use the international and national rules and specifications (e.g. National Frequency Allocation Table)
  • to interpret essential business development criteria and trends
  • The course is instructor led. Course materials such as PowerPoint slides will be posted at the ITU Academy. Participants have to study each week, participate in scheduled activities and undertake self-assessments. Participants will reinforce their understanding of the topics studied by drawing on their specific environments and are encouraged to consult with experienced colleagues who are working on a relevant topic. The following methods will be used for this course:

  • Self-study of PPTs and reference materials
  • Instructor led presentations and discussions through ZOOM on Monday and Wednesday from 1500 Hours to 1700 Hours EAT
  • Forum discussions through the ITU Academy portal

The evaluation is based on:

  • Participation in all four (4) Forums (10%)
  • Quiz week 1 (10%)
  • Quiz week 2 (10%)
  • Quiz week 3 (10%)
  • Quiz week 4 (10%)
  • Written assignment (50%)

Participants should score an overall mark of at least 60% to receive ITU Certificate.


Week 1


Satellite Communication Services


Read week 1 Materials and references

Participate in Forum Topic 1

Attempt Quiz for week 1

Forum Topic 1: Relevance of Satellite Services in the current communications setup

Live Lecture and Discussion: Monday and Wednesday

Quiz: Friday


Week 2

Frequency Bands used in the FSS for GSO

Frequency reuse

Different Satellite systems

Read week 2 Materials and references

Participate in Forum Topic 2

Attempt Quiz for week 2

Forum Topic 2: High data rate Architectures

Live Lecture and Discussion: Monday and Wednesday

Quiz: Friday


Week 3

Earth stations

International Regulations

ITU BR procedures overview

Read week 3 Materials and references

Participate in Forum Topic 3

Attempt Quiz for week 3

Starting working on end course assignment

Forum Topic 3: LEO technologies and propagation models

Live Lecture and Discussion: Monday and Wednesday

Quiz: Friday


Week 4

Notification Software overview

Read week 2 Materials and references

Participate in Forum 4

Attempt Quiz for week 4

Submit end of course assignment

Forum Topic 4:  Emerging Architectures

Live Lecture and Discussion: Monday and Wednesday

Quiz: Friday

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