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The effect of radio transmissions on health has been studied extensively, leading to international standards for network antennas and exposure limits for workers and the public. Despite the ever-growing body of scientific knowledge, many people continue to be concerned about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their impact on health. This course looks at the state of the science, standards for mobile technologies, regulatory compliance and public awareness and education. This course will equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their potential impact on public health.

The training is addressed to regulators and policy makers of the telecommunications field. 

None. Participants do not need prior knowledge to take this course. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:   

  • Summarize public concerns and the accumulated knowledge about the health effects of EMFs, including 5G. 

  • Describe internationally accepted safety requirements for radio transmissions. 

  • Discuss the EMF assessments by calculation and measurement. 

  • Respond to public safety concerns and increase awareness of the science. 

The course will include instructor-led presentations on both days (9:00-12:00 GMT), case studies’ discussion, exercises, tutor/participants discussion and submission of an essay on the second day of the course. 

The training will be assessed with a final test consisting of the submission of an essay (500-700 words) with a pass grade of 80%. The essay could describe the radiofrequency (RF) EMF situation in your country, including information on the relevant EMF limits for workers and/or the public, where these exist; what are the major EMF topics of concern and any initiatives to address public concern. You could also discuss how you plan to use the information from the course in your country or expand on a particular topic in the course content. Please include relevant references to regulations (if applicable), scientific papers or websites in support of your essay. 

Day 1 

Session 1: Radio Signals — Sources and Health Research  


  • What are electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?   

  • Why are people concerned about possible health risks?  

  • What do we know from existing research?  

  • Reliable sources of information 

  • Mobile network and mobile phone EMF levels 


Day 1 

Session 2: Human Exposure Limits for Radio Signals  

  • International EMF exposure limits for workers and the public applicable to devices and network antennas  

  • Assessment of compliance: for devices, for network antennas  

  • Choosing measurement equipment  

  • Reporting results and public communication  


Day 2 

Session 3: Application of EMF Risk Communication Techniques  

  • Drivers of risk perception  

  • The issue lifecycle  

  • Ten principles for risk communication  


Day 2 

Session 4: Developing policy for RF-EMF  

  • International policy recommendations 

  • EMF policy good practice for mobile networks 

  • Examples and case studies 


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