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  • Wireless and fixed broadband
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Online instructor led
  • English
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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information
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  • Toni Janevski
  • Tomislav Shuminoski
  • Marko Porjazoski
  • Elind Sulmina
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This course will focus on New Broadband Internet, Cloud Computing, IoT/AI and Future Services, including technologies, regulation and business aspects. It consist of 4 Modules, where each module lasts one week. Module 1 will cover broadband fixed and mobile Internet, including open Internet architecture and technologies (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, DNS), IP transport and IPXs, HTTP 2.0, WWW, KPIs and end-to-end QoS in fixed and mobile broadband, cybersecurity, new Internet 2030, as well as regulatory strategies for broadband Internet. Module 2 will include future broadband access and cloud computing, including future metallic and cable access (, DOCSIS 4.0), future FTTH optical access (ITU's NG-PONs), submarine cable, future satellite broadband, network slicing for fixed and 5G mobile, ITU's Cloud Computing architectures and service models, edge computing, as well as business and regulatory aspects of future broadband and clouds. Further, Module 3 will cover ITU's framework for Internet of Things (IoT), Web-based IoT, Big Data, ITU's framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Intelligent IoT, Blockchain for IoT data, Quantum Internet, as we ll as business and regulatory aspects. Finally, Module 4 will include future telecom services (ITU's Network 2030), future TV and video/VR/AR, cl

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