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World or Multi-Regional
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  • Spectrum management
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Online self-paced
  • English
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  • Vladimir Daigele
  • Walid Mathlouthi
  • Joaquin RESTREPO
  • Joonho CHOI
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Wireless technology now drives the development and diversification of information and communication services for government, industry, and the public. In line with the rapid growth of many wireless services and applications, efficient management of radio spectrum has become more and more important for the socio-economic development of a country. The radio spectrum is a scarce natural resource and foundation for all the new mobile applications, and how efficiently use this crucial asset could decides the flourishment or languishment of new wireless service industries in a country. This course will equip all participants with knowledge on spectrum management regulatory framework, general concepts of radio commun ication, spectrum management processes and related recommendations for mobile, TV broadcasting, Satellite etc, and other topics like EMF on spectrum management.

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