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Saudi Arabia

Arab States
Training topics
  • ICT/Telecom Regulation
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Face to Face
  • English
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Digital Regulation Academy (DRA), Saudi Arabia
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  • Miriam Stankovich
  • Mustafa Almadhi
  • Jenny Arana
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  • Saudi Arabia


This course is based on the ITU/World Bank digital regulation handbook and platform and tailored specifically to the needs of the KSA and CST, with a focus on the following aspects: digital regulation and governance, evidence-based decision-making in the digital environment, regulatory sandboxes, competition and economics (market analysis), infrastructure sharing, data and consumer protection, cyber-security and resilience regulatory measures and strategies, and regulatory aspects of transformative technologies. The scope of this course is to examine advanced aspects of digital regulation to enhance further knowledge of participants on the issues at stake. We will use innovative and collaborative mechanisms for group activities and exercises, such as the online, collaborative platform Miro to generate insights for participants and instigate discussion on various digital regulation topics. The course provides an in-depth analysis of digital regulations and laws in KSA and worldwide. It enables participants to get a deeper understanding and greater knowledge of specific aspects of policy and regulation in the digital world by highlighting good practices. The online training will be organized by ITU with the kind support of the Digital Regulation Academy (DRA) of CST as part of the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on assistance in telecommunication/ICTs to ITU Member States, and other partners.

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