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  • Wireless and fixed broadband
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  • English
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China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)
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  • Sean Doral
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This course will help the participants to know about the general development of 5G industry globally and in China from the aspects of market, technology evolution, application scenarios etc.; the key technologies and standards progress of 5G; the application status of 5G in different vertical sectors of economy; testing technologies and its standardization and practices in the area of 5G, such as base station, massive MIMO and RF-OTA, network performance, etc.

This training is targeted at technical managers, engineers and employees from regulators, government organizations, telecommunication companies and academia, who are interested in understanding 5G development and application. Other institutions and individuals that are interested in building their capacity related to 5G are also welcome to participate.  


The participants are highly expected to have communication engineering educational background. And basic knowledge of ICT, in particular mobile communication is the basic requirement for participants.  


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Explain the general technology, standardization, application development status relating to 5G; 

  • List the standardization and key technologies progress of 5G in ITU and other standard organizations; 

  • Explain how 5G can be applied to/in different vertical sectors of the economy; 

  • List the main 5G testing technologies and protocols, including base station, massive MINO and RF-OTA,network performance, etc.   

Participants self-learning: The participants are required to read and watch the course materials uploaded on the platform; 

Tutor-led live and chat  zoom sessions: Tutor will deliver live sessions and respond any questions raised from participants; 

Participants forum: participants and tutors will interact through academy forum to discuss relative topics and express their pinions;  

Performance check: participants are required to take quizzes which will be organized at the end of each week to check their knowledge. A final assignment needs to be submitted at the end of the training session to express their understanding of the given topic.   

Course Materials: The relevant course material will be made available on the website, which will include presentations and their video of explanation. During every week, live sessions will be held, the tutors will brief or highlight some important parts of their courses presentations. 

Online Discussion Forums: Participants are expected to participate actively in discussion forums on selected topics throughout the week. Tutors will respond to the posts and discuss with participants 

Chat Sessions: Online chat sessions with the tutor will take place 2-3 times during the two weeks’ time. All participants are expected to join the chat sessions to interact with tutors. The specific time will be sent to participants in advance by tutors. 

Quizzes: 2 mandatory online quizzes will be launched at the end of each week and required to submit before the announced deadline. 

Assignment: There will be a mandatory assignment at the end of the course, which is required to submit before the announced deadline. 

Quiz1 30% 

Quiz2  30% 

Individual Assignment  20% 

Discussion Forum1  5% 

Discussion Forum2  5%  

Live and chat sessions   10% 



A total score higher than 70% is required to obtain the ITU certificate. 


  • Key technologies and evolution of 5G  

  • IMT spectrum progress in ITU-R  

  • 5G Network and Equipment 

  • 5G Novel Antenna Technologies and RF OTA Test 

  • 5G requirements and application scenarios; 5G technical features and key technologies;5G-Advanced evolutionary requirements and key technologies 

  • Evolution of Wireless Telecom Systems;New technologies implemented in 5G;5G base stations and other equipment;Testing 5G equipment 

  • 5G Novel Antenna Technologies  

  • IMT-2020 Spectrum: ITU-R Study and National Practice 


  • The Progress of Technology and Industrialization about 5G Vertical Industry Applications 

  • Typical Application of 5G in Key Vertical industries 

  • 5G Enables Digital Economy 

  • Network Performance Test 
    Based on User Experiences 

  • Trend of 5G Vertical Industry Applications; 5G Industry Virtual Private Networks;5G Industry Terminals and Modules 

  • Application of 5G in Steel Industry and Energy Industry 

  • 5G Enables Digital Transformation Analysis & Experience in China and globally 

  • Testing the network performance via user experience; Testing and evaluation methods – toC and toB network 

  • Final assignment 

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