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World or Multi-Regional
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  • Wireless and fixed broadband
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Online instructor led
  • English
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  • Pareglio Barbara
  • Andrea Guajardo
  • Halima Letamo
  • Daniela Gutierrez-Torres
  • Sarah Campbell
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The training is addressed to regulators, and policy makers in the telecommunications field. 

None. Participants don’t require prior knowledge to take this course. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will learn be able to

  • Examine the underlying technologies and concepts associated with 5G.
  • List the key differences between 5G and previous generations of mobile technology.
  • Describe how governments and regulators can help accelerate the development of 5G technology and services in their countries.

The course will include instructor-led presentations, case studies’ discussion, tutor/participants discussion and submission of an essay one week after the course ends. 

The training will be assessed with a final test consisting of the submission of an essay (500-700 words) with a passing grade of 80% and 100% of attendance (2 days). 

Day 1 

Session 1: The development of the 5G era 

  • The expectations for the 5G era 

  • How 5G will develop over the coming years 

  • The timeline for the development of a new generation of mobile technology 

  • The lifecycle of a generation of mobile technology 

  • GSMA vision of the 5G Era 

  • Future services  

  • How 4G evolution plays an integral role in the 5G system 


Session 2: 5G use cases 

  • How mobile broadband will evolve under 5G 

  • Why Fixed Wireless Access is relevant in the 5G Era 


Day 2 

Session 3: The global status of 5G and forecasts for future growth 

  • Current advancements on the road to 5G 

  • Spectrum allocation 

  • Forecasts on adoption rates  


Session 4: Deployment strategies and evolution  

  • Different 5G deployment options 

  • Use case driven 5G deployment paths 

  • Considerations in 5G deployment and migration 

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