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Nigeria [Abuja]

World or Multi-Regional
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  • Wireless and fixed broadband
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Face to Face
  • English
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National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT)
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  • Toni Janevski
  • Sylwester Laskowski
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This course will focus on 5G-Advanced mobile broadband and future services, including technologies, regulation and business aspects. It will cover mobile broadband evolution, from IMT-Advanced (4G) to IMT-2020 (5G) and IMT-2030 (6G). The course will include 5G New Radio (NR) and 5G Core Network with 5G-Advanced enhancements. Further, it will focus on 5G/5G-Advanced services including enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive IoT (mMTC), critical IoT (URLLC), and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X), then deployment of 5G/5G-Advanced networks by given QoS/QoE indicators, Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), and edge clouds, as well as 5G-Advanced spectrum management and regulation. The course will also include 5G-Advanced enhancements including mobility enhancements, multicast and broadcast evolution, boundless XR (eXtended Reality), RedCap (Reduced Capability) Internet of Things and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). It will also include Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) use cases in 5G-Advanced telecom networks, as well as 5G-Advanced NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) / Satellite networks for future IoT services. Finally the course will cover 5G-Advanced business and regulatory aspects including 5G-Advanced services vs. Internet network neutrality, as well as developments towards future 6G mobile networks and services, IMT-2030 and beyond.

This course is targeted at managers, engineers and employees from regulators, government organizations, telecommunication companies and academia, who are interested in 5G-Advanced Mobile Broadband and Future Services, including technologies, standardization, regulation and content. Other institutions and individuals that are dedicated in building their capacity related to 5G-Advanced Mobile Broadband and Future Services аrе also welcome to participate.

No prior knowledge or qualification is required to register for this course, considering the given target population.

At the end of the training, the participant should have gained an understanding of the key aspects of:

  • Mobile broadband evolution: from IMT-Advanced (4G) to IMT-2020 (5G) and IMT-2030 (6G)
  • 5G New Radio (NR) and 5G Core Network
  • 5G/5G-Advanced services: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive IoT (mMTC), critical IoT (URLLC), V2X
  • Deployment of 5G/5G-Advanced: QoS/QoE, Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), edge clouds
  • 5G/5G-Advanced spectrum management and regulation
  • 5G-Advanced enhancements: optimized XR (eXtended Reality), multicast and broadcast evolution, RedCap IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) in 5G-Advanced telecom networks
  • 5G-Advanced NTN/Satellite networks and future IoT services
  • Business and regulatory aspects of 5G-Advanced including QoS vs. Internet network neutrality
  • Future 6G mobile networks and services: IMT-2030 and beyond

This course will be delivered using face-to-face training methodology, which is defined as follows:

  • The course will be conducted as two full days lecture sessions in a face to face manner at the premises of National Institute of Telecommunication (NIT) in Warsaw Poland, on 26th and 27th October 2023. The participants will be given possibility to listen to the lectures and to interact with the tutor on the given topics.
  • All presentations from face to face lectures/sessions on a given course Day will be made available on the ITU Academy platform (before the start of that course day).
  • Final Quiz test will be assigned online on the ITU Academy platform on 3rd of November 2023, however different date can be agreed in coordination with the course participants (depending on their travel plans back to home) at the end of Day 2.
  • All information in the course be given in a timely manner (prior to the event) by the course tutor on the ITU Academy platform.

The assessment and grading is based on a Final Quiz test that will be assigned online on the ITU Academy after returning of participants from Warsaw to their home countries. It will consist of 20 questions (multiple choices).

The Final Quiz will be open from 00:00 hours on Friday (3rd of November 2023) according to the GMT+1 time, and will remain open at least for 72 hours after opening, so each participant can choose the most convenient time to solve it. However, after the start of the attempt the Quiz should be completed in 90 minutes. 

The Final Quiz is passed with a grade of 70% or higher.

Each fully registered participant who successfully completes the course with a total grade of 70% or higher will receive an ITU Certificate for this course.

The ITU certificates will be given to participants via the ITU Academy platform after completion of the course reporting and processing within the ITU.

See full training outline and timetable below. 

This is a face-to-face training, kindly refer below to the "Information note on physical participation" document for details on visa, travel and more. 

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