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The Digital Transformation Centres (DTC) Initiative was launched in September 2019 by ITU in partnership with Cisco with the objective of supporting countries to strengthen digital capacities of citizens, particularly in the underserved communities. The selected DTCs become part of a global network of institutions to accelerate the uptake of digital technologies among citizens and boost the capacity of young entrepreneurs and SMEs to succeed in the digital economy.

Primary function DTC

The primary function of DTCs is to:

  • Deliver basic digital skills training to enhance digital literacy and foster uptake of digital tools among those at the bottom of the social pyramid.
  • Deliver intermediate digital skills training to provide users with job-ready skills, improve workplace efficiency and enhance chances of employability.
  • Improve the capacity of policymakers to design and implement digital skills programmes.
  • Conduct train-the-trainer programmes on digital skills to ensure scalability and self-sustainability in digital skills capacity development.
  • Train SMEs in the field of digital technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. DTCs are selected based on their capacity to deliver training in the specified areas.

First phase

9 DTCs have been selected for the first phase which runs from January 2020 to end of August 2021. The 9 DTCs have been selected from Africa (4), Americas (2), and Asia Pacific (3) regions. Towards the end of the first phase, an open call will be made for more potential DTCs to join the network.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Phase 1 DTC trainers were provided with tools and skills on how to conduct remote teaching. The train-the-trainers online courses were offered in collaboration with Cisco and they were free of charge.

Call for partners

The DTC Initiative can only achieve scale through the participation of many partners. Any organization from the private and public sectors, UN agencies, governments, and the international/donor community interested in partnering with ITU and Cisco is welcome to contact the ITU Capacity and Digital Skills Development Division at

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