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Explosive growth in demand for the RF spectrum due to liberalized and competitive communications markets requires review of assignment of radio frequencies from a Traditional Spectrum Management method of a âFirst Come and First Servedâ to a Modern Spectrum Management method of a âMarket based Approachâ through spectrum valuation and subsequent auctioning. Unless National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) reviews the assignment of the radio frequencies then the Digital Dividends and other competitive RF spectrum cannot be licensed at market value. Therefore, the course enables the NRAs to license the pending Digital Dividends at market value. At the end of the course, participants will have deep understanding knowledge of the âModern Spectrum Managementâ, which deals with the âMarket Based Approachâ of the assignment of the radio frequencies through the spectrum valuation methodology and subsequent auctioning. The Modern Spectrum Management unlike the traditional Engineering Based Spectrum Management is the only suitable method that can resolve problems/challenges of the explosive growth in demand for the radio frequencies in the liberalized and competitive communications markets.

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