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From 14 Nov 2022 to 18 Nov 2022
Arab States / French
Training type : Face to Face
Price : $500.00

This course is designed for network engineers, network designers, and network planning personnel needing to learn the fundamental principles and practices for designing a basic optical network. It covers advanced single mode networks, focusing on CWDM and DWDM network design for high-speed networks (10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, 400Gb/s). By the end of this training, the participants should be able to: - Describe the function module and network structure of WDM system. - Characterize the typical building blocks of a WDM network (amplifier, DCM, OADM, OXC, transponder).

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From 17 Oct 2022 to 29 Oct 2022
Asia & Pacific / English
Training type : Online instructor led
Price : $0.00

This course will help the participants to know about the development of Internet of Vehicles industry from the aspects of technology and standardization, the technology and testing of platform, application scenarios of Internet of Vehicles, and the practices of activities in associates and China. Let the participants build the general knowledge of V2X in C<(>&<)>I area.

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From 17 Oct 2022 to 28 Oct 2022
Africa / English
Training type : Online instructor led
Price : $150.00

This course exposes participants to methods used for social media analytics that can be used to convert information derived from social media into insightful tools and how to interact with consumers in real-time. It teaches participants how to manage social media platforms in other to project their online reputation. Objectives of the training course include the following: ⢠Understand the importance of Social media. ⢠Understand how to use difference social media platform. ⢠Understand how to create good and objective social media content. ⢠Understand Social media Analytics.