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Status Course Name Start Date
Status Course Name 1397712591Start Date
green Redes de Fibra Óptica al Hogar (FTTH) 140164740002.06.14
green Redes de Fibra Óptica al Hogar (FTTH) 140164740002.06.14
green Redes de Fibra Óptica al Hogar (FTTH) 140164740002.06.14
green Redes de Fibra Óptica al Hogar (FTTH) 140164740002.06.14
green Curso Basico de LTE (Long Term Evolution) 139983300012.05.14
green Curso Basico de LTE (Long Term Evolution) 139983300012.05.14
green Curso Basico de LTE (Long Term Evolution) 139983300012.05.14
green Curso Basico de LTE (Long Term Evolution) 139983300012.05.14
green NGN, Future Networks and Cloud Computing 140112900027.05.14
red Réseaux d'Accès Large Bande 140164740002.06.14
red IPV6 140527620014.07.14
red Training on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas Region – Spanish. 139983300012.05.14
green Gestión de Riesgos en Proyectos TIC 140104260026.05.14
red Fundamentals of Cloud Computing 140544900016.07.14
red ITU Regional Workshop on "Human Capital Development and Digital Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa Issues, Challenges and Prospects ‘‘ 140285700016.06.14
green Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in the Human Capacity Building: Enhanced Engagement of Academia in the International Telecommunication Union 139862340028.04.14
red Strategic Costing and Quad Play Planning 140648580028.07.14
red IPv6 Infrastructure Security (2014) 140406660030.06.14
red ICT trends in providing interactive and pay television services 140112900027.05.14
red Smart Technologies and Services in LTE-Advanced Era 140052420020.05.14
red Social ICT Applications: Opportunities, Challenges and Options 139922820005.05.14
green El Balance Scorecard para Empresas de Telecomunicaciones 139922820005.05.14
red Atelier de formation sur les communications par satellites pour les pays d'Afrique 141011460008.09.14
red Les réseaux larges bandes : NGN, FIBRE, WI-FI, WIMAX : principes et applications 139983300012.05.14
red Cloud Computing 140130180029.05.14
red Workshop on satellites communication 140950980001.09.14
red Atelier de formation sur les Aspects Techniques et Services de la TNT 139922820005.05.14
green Broadband Ecosystem 140709060004.08.14
red ICT Application Products and Services 141382980021.10.14
red Interconnection Costing Principles 140242500011.06.14
red ICT Policy and Regulation ( with emphasis on Licensing ) 139801860021.04.14
red Wireless Networking for Developing World(WNDW) 141434820027.10.14
green IPTV-OTT: fundamentos y panorama actual 140588100021.07.14
green Gestión del Espectro Radioeléctrico: utilizando herramientas de ultima generación 139983300012.05.14
green Telecomunicaciones para no Tecnicos 139862340028.04.14
red Cloud Computing 140043780019.05.14
green Atención al Cliente y Marketing en el sector de las telecomunicaciones (Módule 9 - GET 2013/2014) 140043780019.05.14

Featured Events

Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in Human Capacity Building: Enhanced Engagement of Academia in the International Telecommunication Union (28 Apr - 29 Apr 2014)

The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), at the kind invitation of the Czech Technical University in Prague, is organizing an ITU Academy Event on “Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in Human Capacity Building: Enhanced En... More »

Postgraduate GET 2014-2015 (24 Feb 2014 - 07 Aug 2015)

El Postgrado en Gerencia Estratégica de las Telecomunicaciones es un programa de alto nivel ofrecido a distancia por la Universidad Blas Pascal de Argentina (UBP) y el Centro de Excelencia para la Región Américas de la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (UIT) en estrecha co... More »

Wireless Broadband Network Planning - Workshop (05 Nov - 08 Nov 2013)

Training on "Wireless Broadband Network Planning", organized jointly by the International Telecommunication Union, Pacific Islands Telecommunication Association and Pusan National University, from 5 to 8 November 2013 in Nadi, Fiji. The training is hosted by the Government of Fiji and... More »

Workshop on Radio Monitoring Systems according to ITU-R Recommendations (11 Nov - 15 Nov 2013)

Workshop on "Implementation of radio monitoring systems according to ITU-R recommendations" to be held in the "Technology Center" at Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Headquarters, Munich, Germany, from 11 to 15 November 2013 for the Africa region. The workshop is being conducted within t... More »

ITU-T Study Groups - e-Learning course (31 Dec 2013 - 31 Jan 2015)

Your progress through the modules will be tracked via the Learning Management System, so it is mandatory that you complete all modules as well as the online assessment to generate the course completion certificate. After completing all six modules, you will need to take the assessment... More »

Distance Learning Programme for indigenous People (08 Apr - 25 Oct 2013)

Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Barbados, Bahamas, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Brazil, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the... More »

Atelier - Revenus, assurances et gestion de la fraude (24 Feb - 28 Feb 2014)

L’objectif de ce cours est connaître les éléments de base des revenus, assurance et principales techniques et stratégies de la gestion de la fraude dans le domaine des télécommunications. L’objectif étant de donner des outils/ méthodes que les participants peuvent immédia... More »

Featured News


Following Resolution 73 of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10) a study to review of the Centres of Excellence has been undertaken and a new Centres of Excellence strategy has been developed by BDT. The strategy was endorsed by the Group on Capacity Building In... More »


We are pleased to inform you of the launch of a new ITU undertaking to develop a “Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP)”. Once developed, this programme will offer ITU’s members a solid means for staff training in the theory and practice of modern Spectrum Management. Th... More »

CALL FOR PAPERS - The 6th ITU Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope 2014: Living in a converged world - impossible without standards? is the sixth in a series of peer-reviewed academic conferences organized by ITU that bring together a wide range of views from universities, industry and research institutions. The aim of Kaleidoscope confe... More »


Technological developments in ICT have created both opportunities and challenges. The speed of technologicaladvances has often outpaced the ability of policy-makers and user groups to absorb and react to events. Increasingly, our ability to derive benefits from ICT will depend upon ou... More »


The event was  held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 22 to 25 October 2012, at the Cape Sun Southern Sun hotel. The Forum was  co-organized with the Department of Communications of the Republic of South Africa and its e-Skills Institute, in close collaboration with Telkom So... More »