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Teletraffic Engineering for the Internet – analytical approach

Teletraffic Engineering for the Internet – analytical approach

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The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to the idea of the possibility of modeling systems to which IP traffic is offered . In the first part of the course the basic notions associated with traffic engineering and modeling of network systems within the context of QoS parameters will be discussed. Models of traffic for IP systems will be also presented.
The second part of the course is devoted to modeling single-service systems. Therefore, the basic models of full-availability systems will be presented, including Erlang, Engset, Pascal and Hayword models. In this part, single-service queuing models M/M /N and M /G/ R PS, which are also proposed for modeling IP systems, will be considered.
The third part concerns modeling of multi-service systems that form the basis for modeling IP systems. In this section, a model of multi-service full-availability system will be presented. State-dependent multiservice systems to which a mixture of BPP (Bernoulli, Poisson and Pascal ) traffic streams is offered will be also considered.
The fourth part concerns modeling of multi-service IP systems in which offered traffic is subjected to different traffic shaping mechanisms. Therefore, models of systems with threshold compression and reservation mechanisms (adaptive traffic) and thresholdless compression (elastic traffic) will be analysed. A special attention will be paid to queuing models approximating the performance of real IP systems with finite buffers.

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Course Type: Face to Face
Region: Europe Network
Language: ENGLISH

Start Date:Thursday, 24 November 2016

End Date:Friday, 25 November 2016

Sylwester Laskowski

Sylwester Laskowski, PhD, Head of the National Institute of Telecommunications Training Centre, Warsaw, Poland.
+48 22 51 28 230
Course Fees: $500
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