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    1. Create account 

      (1) Press the “Create an account” link.

      (2) Fill out the form. Please note that every field is required for the registration to be valid.

      (3) Press the “Create an account” button to validate the inscription.

      Note :

      • You only register once. After registration, a password will be sent to you.
      • Keep this password and use it for login.
      • You can change your password as you like 
    2. Open account 

      (1) Press the “Login” link, a small window should appear.

      (2) Fill the username and password fields.

      (3) Press the “Login” Button to login.


      1. Global search 

        (1) Type any keyword needed and press “Enter”. The global search will return the result for courses, articles, and events.

      2. Training catalogue

        (1) Select in the menu Training > Training Catalogue > By Categories.

        (2) Scroll down to see all the categorized upcoming or archived (1*) courses.

        (3) Type any courses needed, then press “Go” button to filter the catalogue.

      3. My Courses 

        (1) Select in the menu My Courses.

        (2) The courses you have enrolled to are available here. All the notifications about new entry in the said courses (new forum posts, new quizzes …) are displayed.


      1. Free and unlimited number of students

        This type of course will be accessed from any search presented in the previous section. The user will be immediately redirected to the complete course, by clicking on the said course. From there, the user will have access to all the information and documents.

      2. Free and limited number of students 

        (1) Click on the button "Enroll me into this course"

        (2) Click on the “Course Details” link to open the description of the course.

        (3) Enter the enrolment key in the provided box.

        (4) If you do not have the enrolment key, press the "[Click Here]" button to request an enrolment key to be sent via e-mail.

      3. Course to be purchased 

        (1) Select method of payment, either online payment OR offline payment

        (2) Click on the “Payment Terms and Conditions” link to read terms of payment.

        (3) Check the box to agree with the terms specified in (2).

        (4) If the “Proceed” button is not available, the user has not agreed to the specified terms of payment.

        (5) By checking the box, an “I Agree” button should appear.

        (6) By pressing the “I Agree” button, the “Proceed” button should be available to be pressed.

        (7) From here on, follow the instruction given by the site.

        (8) For online payment, you will be asked to provide the card details.

        (9) For offline payment, you will be able to generate an invoice. If you would like that the invoice reflects the name of your organization, you can specify the name in the "organization" field. Once the bank transfer has been made, scan the proof of payment and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

      4.  Decision based enrollment course

        (1) Select “Register Me” to request registration to the course. An ITU Administrator will contact you once the registration period has closed.

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