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The ITU Academy Portal provides a single access point to all ITU training activities. In order to adequately deliver the different training courses, the portal utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS).

Essentially, the ITU Academy Portal provides the following features:

  • Single visibility on ITU training activities
  • Multiple delivery channels: face-to-face, blended, self-paced and instructor led e-learning
  • Content and courseware for teaching and training modules
  • Foundational knowledge resources on various ICT and capacity building related topics
  • Harmonised quality standards, instructional design, media-rich presentation formats
  • Different knowledge depths for different learners
  • Social networking and collaboration opportunities 

How to enter a training course in the Portal?

In order to access a course, you must first create an account here. You can then browse the list of courses by visiting the training catalogue.

To be enrolled in a course, you will need to either complete the payment, request to be registered or self-enroll with a secure enrollment key. Once you have accessed a course, it will be stored under your courses.

To enter any of your courses at any time, you will need to log in to the ITU Academy Portal and go to “My Courses”. 


ITU Academy User Manuals 

Three manuals have been developed to guide users on how to use the ITU Academy Portal:

  • The ITU Academy User Manual is the comprehensive manual addressed to all ITU Academy users.                          Download here >



  • The User Guide for Instructors, Participants and Guests is extracted from the main manual and is targeted to instructors, participants and guests. 
  • The ITU Academy Participants and Guests Manual is extracted from the main manual and is targeted to the primary users of the portal.

 For more information on the ITU Academy and related initiatives, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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