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The ITU Academy is an ITU capacity building initiative that brings together under one umbrella a wide range of training activities and knowledge resources in information and communication technologies (ICTs). The Academy was officially launched in October 2012, and has since established itself as the leading platform of all ITU capacity-building services.

Its main objectives are:

  1. To harmonise, integrate and gather under one umbrella all existing ITU training services corresponding to the organization's main areas of activity – radiocommunications, telecommunications standardization and telecommunications development - and to extend the current portfolio of training programmes;
  2. To provide cutting-edge training services to all members of the ITU, based on pedagogical, technological and technical expertise, supported by personalized service to the users, follow-up with students after completion of the programmes, and good marketing of the training programmes.

The ITU Academy works in cooperation with numerous public and private sector partners. Its products and services are constantly evolving and growing, and new knowledge resources and training activities are added on a regular basis.

The training portfolio offered under the umbrella of the ITU Academy ranges from general programmes for government policy makers and regulators, professional business-focused curricula for senior ICT executives and managers, to specialized programmes for technical and operational staff and accredited academic programmes. Courses are delivered online, face-to-face and through blended learning. 


The network of ITU Academy partners consists of key players in the field of ICT training and education across the world. These partners include:

  • Centres of Excellence (CoEs). The CoE network comprises institutions sharing expertise, resources and capacity building know-how in telecommunications and ICTs training/education. CoEs offer continuous education to ICT professionals and executives in the public and private spheres through face-to-face or distance learning programmes.
  • Internet Training Centres (ITCs). The ITCs help developing countries meet their human resource requirements for skilled Internet and "new broadband economy" professionals through Internet and IP-related training programmes.
  • Academic institutions. Universities and other higher education institutes are important contributors to research and innovation, and provide national and global recognized certification and accreditation.
  • Private sector companies and training institutes. Companies are key players in the telecoms/ICT industry, with practical know-how in their field. Training institutes have the experience and knowledge in developing and delivering training and education services. 


ITU Academy delivers a wide spectrum of ICT-relevant courses aimed at an array of participants – policy makers, telecommunications/ICT business managers and practitioners, government officials from Ministries of ICT and Regulatory Authorities, diplomats and representatives, and university students and teachers.


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