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Quality of Service Training Programme 

We are pleased to present you the Quality of Service Training Programme. The QoSTP is the second training programme being developed under the auspices of the ITU Academy. 


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) assist us in many areas of our lives. Their ultimate goal is the quality improvement of everyone’s life; in this context it is important to address the users’ experience in a variety of ways. “Quality of Service” (QoS), i.e. the characteristics of a telecommunications service that reflects its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs of the service users, and “Quality of Experience” (QoE), i.e. the overall acceptability of an application or service, as perceived subjectively by the end-user.

At the same time, with the rapid development of modern telecommunication services and new technologies arising continuously, there is an increasing need to disseminate firm and solid QoS understanding to all stakeholders, such as operators, equipment manufacturers, administrations, regulatory bodies, end-users and their representatives. Telecommunication services are essential parts of economies, business and social life and necessarily bring users’ demands for QoS. These users’ demands depend on many factors including, but not limited to, technical measures and technology development but also on users type and their past experiences.

Despite the growing importance of QoS, there is no complete formal or informal training programme that could address all QoS areas for the benefit of ITU membership and all other stakeholders. Therefore, ITU in collaboration with its study groups experts, academia members and other subject-matter stakeholders has taken the lead in the development of such a programme. This programme offers ITU members a solid basis  for staff training in the theory and practice of modern Quality of Service.

This programme is being coordinated by the Human Capacity Building division within the Projects Support and Knowledge Management department of the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT), in close collaboration with BDT’s focal point for Quality of Service, and Standardisation Bureau (TSB) of the ITU.


The QoSTP consists of a set of high level training materials and covers a range of topics in Quality of Service. This programme establishes itself as the global “golden standard” for QoS training.

The QoSTP comprises 13 modules: six obligatory and seven elective. These are the following:

OM0 Overview Module
OM1 Introduction - Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
OM2 Subjective assessment of voice quality
OM3 Objective assessment of voice quality
OM4 QoS and QoE for Multimedia and assessment methods
OM5 Regulatory Aspects of QoS
EM1.1 Telephonometry
EM1.2 Network performance and OAM for performance measurement
EM2.1 Hands-free communication and user interfaces in vehicles
EM2.2 Traffic management
EM3.1 QoS for mobile services
EM3.2 Bitrate measurement of Internet connections
EM4.1 Deployed QoS Management Technologies


The QoSTP course is designed for anyone who would like to enhance their professional knowledge while working in the field of QoS - from national regulatory authorities to companies  operating in wireless communications or equipment manufacturers. The QoSTP would be oriented towards the broadening of skills in the complex field of QoS; therefore it could be taken by any professional who has previously graduated with a first level university degree (Bachelor of Sciences).

As such, the students entering the QoSTP may be from different institutional levels, from technical to managerial, and with different backgrounds (engineering, economics, legal, etc.).


We wish to invite all stakeholders in the domain of QoS to participate in this undertaking. Partnerships can be established in the following:

  1. Participation in the programme delivery (partial or full delivery by organizations or academic institutions);
  2. Accreditation/certification of the programme (by academic institutions).

In return, ITU would acknowledge the contribution of the partner/s in the use and delivery of the training materials.

The ultimate aim is to have an ITU certified programme that can be delivered through various channels, such as Centres of Excellence and academic and other institutions. Therefore, different ways of collaboration can be explored.

Individuals, organizations and academic institutions who may be interested in cooperation with the ITU Academy on delivering QoSTP are welcome to contact the coordinating entity – Human Capacity Building Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and express their interest.

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