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  • Cybersecurity
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Face to Face
  • English
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DBI-Digital Bridge Institute
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The escalation in the use of connected devices is giving rise to cybercrime and the frequency of traditional street crimes perpetrated through Internet-connected devices are on the increase. These connected technologies are generating big data and digital evidence which is growing in both volume and importance in criminal and civil courts, as such Judicial officers, Legal practitioners, Legislative aids, Investigators and Prosecutors need to fairly and justly evaluate the merits of the offered evidence. To do so, they need a general understanding of the underlying technologies and applications from which digital evidence is derived. They need to acquire competence on how to handle digital evidence presented in courtâmuch like they anticipate conventional forensic evidence, such as fingerprints and DNA, to be presented in court.
This course is designed help the participants gain a thorough understanding of digital evidence and cyber forensics.

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