The IoT TP comprises an overview module, 8 foundation modules and 7 advanced modules. The overview module provides a brief summary and introduction to each module of the training programme. The foundation modules introduce the concepts behind IoT and provide students with a sufficient level of detail to understand these. The advanced modules provide students with a much greater depth of understanding and more practical experience in each subject area.

The modules of the IoT TP:

  • OM: Overview Module
  • FM1: Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • FM2: Standards, Architectures and Interoperability
  • FM3: Policies and Regulations Pertaining to the IoT
  • FM4: Design & Functioning of Wireless IoT Technologies
  • FM5: Physical IoT Infrastructure and Network Planning: from Devices to Cloud
  • FM6: IoT Data Security, Privacy and Trust
  • FM7: Introduction to IoT Data Science
  • FM8: Global IoT Use Cases
  • AM1: Understanding & Designing Sensor Electronics
  • AM2: Advanced Wireless IoT Design in 5G
  • AM3: Designing & Programming of the Web of Things
  • AM4: AI and Machine Learning for IoT Big Data
  • AM5: Social & Ethical Implications and Case Studies
  • AM6: Business Models and Case Study Implementations
  • AM7: IoT Entrepreneurship

Target Audience

The IoT TP could be taken by any professional who has previously graduated with a first-level university degree (e.g. BSc). Students could have different levels of work responsibility, from technical to managerial, and different backgrounds (engineering, legal, regulatory, economic, etc.). Students wishing to join at the Advanced Level would need to have at least one year of professional experience in the field of IoT and pass an entrance examination and/or submit a project or essay to assess their level of knowledge.

Call for Partners

We wish to invite all stakeholders, especially training and academic institutions to partner with us. Those individuals, organizations and academic institutions who may be interested in cooperating with the ITU Academy on delivering the IoT TP are welcome to contact the coordinating entity – Human Capacity Building Division at and express their interest.

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