If you have previously used the Institutional Contact function then you already have a list of students you can assign to the course you have purchased. Here is a reminder how to do this:

  1. Login to the ITU Academy platform
  2. Navigate to the top black bar menu
  3. Locate the tab Institutional Contact and click on Assign Students. You will then see the entire list of courses you have purchased.
  4. Click on the blue icon under Assign Students to assign the seats for the course. You will then have two options assign existing students from your list or new ones that are not yet in your list. Important note here is that all students must first have an ITU Academy account if they don’t have one yet you will not be ablet to assign the seats.
  5. Let’s select 1 person from your existing list and one new one.
  6. Click on the button that says ADD EXISTING students in your list.
  7. You will be navigated to a page with a list of names select all those that you wish to take the course and click the button that says Assign. This person will now be assigned the seat (if you are paying by bank transfer the seat will not be assigned until you provide us with a proof of payment).

If you want to add a new student, simply click on the button ADD NEW students not in your list.

  1. You will be navigate to a new page, where you must enter their information. Ensure that this information is spelled the same way as the user have entered in the ITU Academy account.
  2. When you have entered all the details of all the people, click on the button at the bottom of the page named Proceed to Verify Enrolments.
  3. If you are happy with the enrolments, then press the green button Enrol.

If you are unsure about who you would like to enrol, you can always complete the enrolment process at a later stage. Not all enrolments need to be at the same time. If you have more questions you can contact us at hcbmail@itu.int

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