1st meeting of the Group on Capacity Building Initiatives

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 12:25


The first meeting of the group on Capacity Building Initiatives was successfully held in Geneva from 30 April to 01 May 2012. The meeting was attended by the representative experts of various regions and Human Capacity Building Division staff members at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Group on Capacity Building Initiatives (GCBI) was formed in accordance with Resolution 40 of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10) held in Hyderabad in 2010. The purpose of the group is to enhance the ability of ITU members to assist ITU-D, and to contribute to the successful implementation of its capacity building activities in an integrated manner. Resolution 40 reflects the importance that the membership attaches to human resources development and human capacity building. The membership considered it appropriate to establish a mechanism whereby the BDT in general and its Human Capacity Building Division in particular, would tap into the skills and expertise of Human Capacity Building professionals in the various regions. WTDC-10 therefore instructed the Director of BDT to establish GCBI with two capacity building experts representing each of the six regions to work with BDT staff electronically or where appropriate face to face. The terms of reference of the group are as follows:-

  • Assist in identifying global trends in the domain of ICTs and capacity building.
  • Assist in identifying regional needs and priorities for capacity building activities, evaluating the progress of related BDT activities, and make proposals to eliminate any overlapping activities and harmonize on-going initiatives, etc.- 
  • Assist BDT in designing and implementing an integrated framework for ITU Academy activities, to be implemented during the period 2011-2014.
  • Provide advice on the development of formal ICT- curricula design and content for both general ICT literacy and specialized skills.
  • Provide advice on accreditation and certification based on regional and /or international standards.
  • Provide advice on initiatives, academic alliances and partnerships that further the overall strategic objectives of the ITU Academy, including integration with, inter alia, centres of excellence, internet training centres and ITU regional offices.
  • Provide advice to standards for quality assurance and monitoring of courses delivered through the ITU Academy partnerships, including those delivered through the centres of excellence, Internet training centres and /or academic institutions.
  • Submit a report to be presented and discussed during the annual TDAG Meeting, including achievements and proposed recommendations on future actions that may need to be taken.
  • Act as regional representatives in the related biennial forums organized by BDT.

Based on the above and in consultation with the Regional Telecommunication organizations and membership, the following experts were appointed to the group:

-  Mrs. Gladys Ogallo - Managing Director - Virtual HR Consulting, Kenya.
          Mr. El Hadji Sarr - H.R Development and Management Department, SONATEL, Senegal.

CIS -   Prof. Mher V. Markosyan - Russian – Armenian University, Armenia.
          Prof. Vladimir A.Dokuchaev - MTUCI, Russian Federation.

AMS - Mr. Santiago Reyes Borda - Senior Advisor, Industry Canada.
          Mr. Erick Huerta - Policy Advisor in Telecommunication Development, Mexico.

ARB - Mr. Sami Trimech - Director Cooperation and Marketing, CERT, Tunisia.
          Mr. Abderraham Rafi - Secretary General, INPT/ANRT, Morocco.

ASP - Mr. Abdul Aziz Awang – Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, Malaysia.
          Mr. R.N. Jha - Deputy Director, Ministry of Communication Government of India.

EUR - Mr. Joao Chaves – Senior Expert, Cooperation and Development, ANACOM, Portugal.
          Prof. David Mellor – Chairman, United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy, United Kingdom.


The meeting appointed Prof. David Mellor as chairman and Mrs. Gladys Ogallo as vice Chairlady. All of the above mentioned members attended the meeting with the exception of Mr. Santiago Reyes Borda who offered his apologies.

The welcoming remarks were given by the ITU-D Director Mr. Brahima Sanou. During his speech Mr. Sanou recognized the high priority capacity building has been given by the ITU memberships through the regional initiatives. He also acknowledged ITU's  most important capacity building mechanism, the Centres of Excellence as a very successful one as it had made an impressive impact in the 10 years since it was initiated.

As this was the first meeting of the group, the head of the Human Capacity Building Division Mr. Svein Tenningås, gave an overview of the ITU-D as well as the work and role of the Human Capacity Building Division and pointed out the importance of capacity building in every activity within the BDT.

The group debated on the report submitted by the BDT on the CoE strategy and discussed its work plan for 2012. 
Human Capacity Building Division expressed its gratitude to the group for the invaluable contributions to the Centres of Excellence report.