Report on the activities of the CoE AFR/LSP

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 15:56

REPORT on the activities of the
Centre of Excellence project for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa
2008 - 2012 


The report reflects the success of this project since its launch in November 2008. The project, which was due to end in December 2011, was extended to 2013, at the request of the beneficiary countries.

This report provides an opportunity to share information, figures and statistics on the training activities undertaken in the four years of the project’s existence. It also shares testimonials from the beneficiary countries on how the project made a difference to human and institutional capacity building in their respective countries. 

As the project has reached an advanced stage, there is reason to be proud of what has been achieved so far and to applaud the efforts of all those who contributed to its success. I wish to thank the Governments of Spain and Portugal for making financial and in-kind contributions that made this project possible. I thank the Government of Brazil who also made invaluable contribution to the project by offering to provide experts, at their own cost, and for living up to this promise. I also thank the beneficiary countries who became active players in the management and implementation of the project, for their dedication and commitment.