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We are pleased to inform you of the launch of a new ITU undertaking to develop a “Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP)”. Once developed, this programme will offer ITU’s members a solid means for staff training in the theory and practice of modern Spectrum Management. This is a new programme being developed under the auspices of the ITU Academy. It is being coordinated by the Human Capacity Building division within the Projects Support and Knowledge Management department of the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT), in close collaboration with BDT’s focal point for the Spectrum Management and with other bureaus of the ITU (Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) and Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB)), subject matter experts, academia and other stakeholders.

The ITU Academy was launched in October 2012 as the lead agent for all ITU human capacity-building activities. It was created to respond to the growing demand for knowledge and skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training, teaching and research. In particular, it was established to offer a wide and growing range of general and specialized courses on all aspects of telecommunications in Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardization and Telecommunication Development.

The SMTP will consist of a set of high level training materials in all areas of Spectrum Management, which will be developed by experts drawn from within and outside the ITU. The new programme will cover a full range of topics in Spectrum Management. The ultimate aim is to have an ITU certified programme that can be delivered through various channels, such as Centres of Excellence or universities. This will be the first in a series of training programmes to be developed by the ITU Academy. 

We are confident that this Programme will establish itself as the global “golden standard” for Spectrum Management training. 

We wish to invite all stakeholders in the domain of Spectrum Management to participate in this undertaking. Contributions can be provided in the following forms:

- Provision of materials on Spectrum Management for the development of study modules
- Participation in the peer review of study modules
- Provision of comments and inputs to study modules
- Participation in the content delivery


Download the Brochure:


You will find attached the SMTP report, syllabus card as well as a form to be completed by those interested in this collaboration. Please also submit the following information:

  • For institutions: a short (10-15 slides) presentation (brief information about the  institution, its role and contribution to the SMTP);
  • For experts: a short (1 page) CV (work experience in Spectrum Management, possible contribution to the SMTP).

Please also submit the following information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .