ITU and South Africa’s E-Skills Institute host successful Global ICT Forum on Human Capacity Development

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 13:45

Global HCD Forum 2012 Global HCD Forum 2012

ITU and South Africa’s E-Skills Institute host successful Global ICT Forum on Human Capacity Development in Cape Town, South Africa: 22-25 October 2012


In a case of true successful collaboration, ITU and the Department of Telecommunications of the Republic of South Africa, under its eSkills Institute, and Telkon South Africa, held a Global ICT Forum on Human Capacity Development (HCD).

The event took place from 22-25 October 2012, in the scenic city of Cape Town, South Africa. The theme of the Forum was “Digital Inclusion: Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting”. The event attracted approximately 282 delegates from 56 countries.

The Forum was a high-level event which brought together various experts, including high-level officials, policymakers, regulators, non-governmental organisations, academia and private sector. These experts came from a broad range of areas such as Telecommunications, human capacity development, education, business, management, and informatics.. They exchanged useful experiences and discussed the capacity building challenges of transitioning to digital broadcasting and how to address these challenges. Delegates also discussed country case studies regarding the transition issue, as far as human capacity development was concerned.The eSkills Institute used the Forum to host its 2nd, national e Skills Summit, which drew many delegates from the e-Skills partner institutions within South Africa. At the end of the Forum they were able to come up with their own Agenda for Action. The experience of South Africa with its eSkills Agenda was very instructive for other countries who felt it is something they could also emulate.

During the Forum, the Director of BDT, Mr. Brahima Sanou, launched the ITU Academy, and emphasised the importance of capacity building for any nation-building and for development in general.

Feedback from the Forum was very positive; delegates felt that the event highlighted a very topical development in the ICT calendar. The report was circulated to delegates who made their comments. The final report now available on the ITU Academy website at:

Some of the memorable comments from the delegates regarding the event, as well as the report are the following:

  • I would like to thank you for the Conference; it was very well organised and professional. Well done!
    I agree 100% with all the recommendations given at the Forum, especially point 3 of the recommendation:
    “ITU should organize follow-up workshops on a regional basis and assist countries to prepare their human capital for transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, according to their respective needs.” I hope to have more opportunities to attend such conferences/workshops in the future.
  • Thank you very much for your consideration and for the pertinent information you've transmitted to us during the Global ICT Forum. For me, the trip to Cape Town was very interesting and I learned so much from the speakers. Bravo!
    Mustapha Benaissa
    Project Manager, DRHF | Algeria Telecom | e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Phone: +213 6603507743.
  • I want to thank you for the warm welcome in this great city that is Cape Town. We had a great stay, thank you for everything and for the smooth running of the Forum. I wish your organisation and all the organisers’ lots of happiness. Finally, I thank you for the draft report which is a magnificent piece of work.
    HASSANI Mohamed AbdouHuman | Ressources Administrator | National Regulatory Authority ICT Union of COMOROS
  • On behalf of Syrian Telecom, we thank you very much for your efforts in organizing this fruitful Forum, and thanks for the report. It's very comprehensive and convenient.
    Regards to all,
    Rima KOUSA  |  TOSP Project Manager | Syrian Telecom S.A
  • A well written report, I found the report good and comprehensive.
    Keba Seane  |  Head  Human Resources  |  Botswana Telecommunications Authority
  • Thank you for sharing this comprehensive draft report, and also for the opportunity to speak at the event - it was a very worthwhile and inspirational few days.
    Daniel Palmer  |  General Manager  |  ECDL Foundation – Dubai

The full Forum documents, including the Agenda and the presentations, are available on