Tuesday, 30 July 2013 12:15

It gives me great pleasure to present the new ITU Academy. Written with stakeholders and other interestedparties in mind, this brochure outlines the role of the ITU Academy in the development and delivery of ITU strategies for human capacity-building across the ICT sector.

Technological developments in ICT have created both opportunities and challenges. The speed of technologicaladvances has often outpaced the ability of policy-makers and user groups to absorb and react to events. Increasingly, our ability to derive benefits from ICT will depend upon our capacity to learn and acquire newknowledge.

Governments need to establish policies which create conditions for greater access opportunities to theInformation Society, particularly targeting groups that are currently excluded. This requires policies in threebroad areas: firstly, to extend and improve broadband network infrastructure; secondly, to develop relevantcontent and applications which people want to use and which are available in local languages; thirdly, toimprove the stock of ICT skills, enabling higher participation levels, more intensive use of existing ICT facilitiesand the extension of ICT applications into new areas of social and economic life.

The focus of this document is to show how the ITU will support human capacity-building through the ITUAcademy. At a conceptual level, the Academy will work with ITU members, stakeholders and partners to shapethe human capacity-building agenda and determine priorities; at an operational level, it will provide access toresources and a platform for the transfer of knowledge. The ITU Academy is an exciting project and I am convinced it will make a significant contribution to ICT training, development and job creation for our members and stakeholders.