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Status Course Name Start Date
Status Course Name 1408522152Start Date
red Implementation of radio monitoring systems according to ITU-R recommendations 141495300003.11.14
green VII Congreso Internacional de Telecomunicaciones, Tecnologias de la Información y Comunicaciones 141313860013.10.14
green VII Congreso Internacional de Telecomunicaciones, Tecnologias de la Información y Comunicaciones 141313860013.10.14
red Fundamentals of Cloud Computing For Palestine 141132420022.09.14
green Regulación para Servicios Convergentes de Telecomunicaciones Basada en Análisis de Mercados Relevantes y Definición de Posiciones Dominantes 141253380006.10.14
red ITU/ITSO VSAT and Satellite Systems 141123780021.09.14
green 7th Steering Committee meeting 141823620011.12.14
red Mobile cloud computing applications for developing value added services 141037380011.09.14
green Telecomunicaciones para no Tecnicos 141313860013.10.14
green Desarrollo y Estrategias de Comercialización de Aplicaciones Móviles 141192900029.09.14
red IPV6 in Kigali 141434820027.10.14
red Fundamentals of Cloud Computing 141080580016.09.14
red ICT trends in providing interactive and pay television services 141020100009.09.14
green El Balance Scorecard para Empresas de Telecomunicaciones 141434820027.10.14
red Communications par satellites pour les pays francophones d'Afrique 141011460008.09.14
red Les reseaux larges bandes : NGN, FIBRE, WI-FI, WIMAX : principes et applications (Conjointement avec Esmt à DAKAR) 141374340020.10.14
red Cloud Computing in Johannesburg 141443460028.10.14
red Satellite communications for English speaking countries in Africa 140950980001.09.14
green Broadband Ecosystem 140950980001.09.14
red ICT Application Products and Services 141382980021.10.14
red ICT Policy and Regulation ( with emphasis on Licensing ) 141374340020.10.14
red Wireless Networking for Developing World (WNDW) 141434820027.10.14
green Gestión del Espectro Radioeléctrico: utilizando herramientas de ultima generación 141071940015.09.14
red Cloud Computing in Kampala 140890500025.08.14

Featured Events

Workshop on Implementation of radio monitoring systems according to ITU-R recommendations - 2014 (03 Nov - 07 Nov 2014)

Workshop for developing and least developed countries on “Implementation of radio monitoring systems according to ITU-R recommendations” to be held in the "Technology Center" at Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Headquarters, Munich, Germany, from 3 to 7 November 2014. The worksh... More »


Section 1: Introduction to Interactive Multimedia Services Session 2: Interactive Multimedia Services- Security, Technologies and Standards Session 3: Converged Multimedia Services – Policy and Regulation Session 4: Case Studies Session 5: Technical Solutions to Introduce Pay TV Ses... More »

Regional Workshop on HCD on Digital Economy Sub-Sahara Region (16 Jun - 18 Jun 2014)

ITU Regional Workshop on the to 18th June 2014. The workshop was delivered both in English and French with simultaneous interpretation. The objective of this workshop was to enable participants to share experiences on the challenges, issues and opportunities that face developing ... More »

A new IPv6 Infrastructure Security (2014) (30 Jun - 04 Jul 2014)

A new training on “IPv6 Infrastructure Security for Telecom Networks”, organized jointly by the International Telecommunication Union and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Thailand, the ITU Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence for Business Management, from 30 ... More »

Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in Human Capacity Building: Enhanced Engagement of Academia in the International Telecommunication Union (28 Apr - 29 Apr 2014)

The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), at the kind invitation of the Czech Technical University in Prague, is organizing an ITU Academy Event on “Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in Human Capacity Building: Enhanced En... More »

Postgraduate GET 2014-2015 (24 Feb 2014 - 07 Aug 2015)

El Postgrado en Gerencia Estratégica de las Telecomunicaciones es un programa de alto nivel ofrecido a distancia por la Universidad Blas Pascal de Argentina (UBP) y el Centro de Excelencia para la Región Américas de la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (UIT) en estrecha co... More »

ITU-T Study Groups - e-Learning course (31 Dec 2013 - 31 Jan 2015)

Your progress through the modules will be tracked via the Learning Management System, so it is mandatory that you complete all modules as well as the online assessment to generate the course completion certificate. After completing all six modules, you will need to take the assessment... More »

Featured News

BDT makes Presentation to RAG on the development of SMTP

The Bureau of the Telecommunications Development made a presentation on the SMTP to the 2014 meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) held in Geneva. The presentation was made on 25 June, and  was  meant  to   update  participants on the pro... More »


We are pleased to inform you of the launch of a new ITU undertaking to develop a “Quality of Service Training Programme”. The QoSTP is the second training programme being developed under the auspices of the ITU Academy The first program; the Spectrum Management Training Program (S... More »

WSIS Action Line C4 on Capacity Building-2014

The following topics were discussed: Understanding of the nature and components of digital competences. Difference between digital competences and digital literacy; Digital competencies framework; Role of digital competences in building an inclusive Information Society. Role of digita... More »


The Spectrum Management Training Programme is a new programme being developed under the auspices of the ITU Academy. It comprises of a set of high level training materials in all areas of Spectrum Management and covers a full range of topics, which were developed by experts drawn from... More »


Following  Resolution 73 of  the World Telecommunication Development Conference  (WTDC-10) in , a study of the Centres of Excellence was undertaken and a new Centre of Excellence strategy  developed by BDT. The strategy was endorsed by the various membership organs... More »