ITU-T Study Groups - e-Learning course (31 Dec 2013 - 31 Jan 2015)


Working Methods of ITU-T Study Groups
e-Learning course





This course introduces the structures, management, coordination mechanisms and operating procedures of ITU-T study groups as defined in Recommendation ITU-T A.1. This course comprises six modules:

1.- Standardization in ITU-T
2.- Managing the study groups
3.- Coordination
4.- Inputs to the study groups
5.- Outputs to the study groups
6.- Further infrastructure to support the study group process.

Each module is a self-contained unit, including course content and quizzes. It is recommended that you take the modules in the sequence in which they are organized.





The main objective of the course is to provide a clear understanding of how ITU-T study groups and their associated groups works.

At the end of the course, participants will be expected to have achieved a good understanding of:

1.- The standardization process in ITU-T;
2.- The study group meeting procedures and terminology;
3.- The internal and external coordination in ITU-T;
4.- The input and output documents used in ITU-T;
5.- The ITU-T supporting infrastructure for study groups.

The duration is estimated to be approximately 2 hours. The participation is free of charge. 



Your progress through the modules will be tracked via the Learning Management System, so it is mandatory that you complete all modules as well as the online assessment to generate the course completion certificate. After completing all six modules, you will need to take the assessment online. The assessment is a set of 20 multiple choice questions covering the six modules of the course. You will have 30 minutes to complete the assessment online. You will need to achieve a score of at least 80% in the online assessment in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.



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